How to choose the right hydraulic wrench?

Hydraulic wrench is a kind of hardware tool commonly used in our daily life. It is a device used to pre-tighten and remove large bolts. So, how much do you know about hydraulic wrenches? Do you know how hydraulic wrenches work? What is its composition? How to choose the right hydraulic wrench?

1. Working principle of hydraulic wrench

The hydraulic wrench is based on the hydraulic principle. It uses the power source of the special pump station for the hydraulic torque wrench to push the internal piston rod of the hydraulic torque wrench, and does a back-and-forth pushing principle to pre-tighten and remove the bolts. Its torque is generally 112N.m -72000N.m, often used to preload and remove bolts larger than one inch.

2. The structure of the hydraulic wrench

The hydraulic wrench consists of a working head, a hydraulic pump and a high-pressure oil pipe. The function of the high-pressure oil pipe is to act as a channel to allow the hydraulic pump to transmit power to the working head; and to drive the working head to tighten or loosen the rotating nut. As for the hydraulic pump, it can be powered by electricity or by compressed air.

3. How to choose the right hydraulic wrench

When choosing a suitable hydraulic wrench, pay attention to the following aspects:

(1). When choosing a hydraulic wrench, the specifications of the bolts should be fully considered.

Common bolt specifications are M36, M42, and M48. If the size of the nut is not mentioned, it is the opposite side of the metric bolt and nut pair of matching cylinders. If the bolt specifications are too large, two types of wrenches should be used.

(2). Consider the torque of the bolts. Different bolts will have different torques; similarly, different bolts will have different torques; even the same materials will have different torques under different working conditions.

In addition, any type of wrench can be used without space constraints. Among them, the driven hydraulic wrench is economical and practical. However, when the exposed thread is long after the bolt is tightened or the space above the bolt is limited, it is better to use a hollow hydraulic wrench at this time.

Post time: Apr-18-2022