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Xuzhou Dongpeng Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Xuzhou Dongpeng Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Xuzhou Dongpeng Hardware Tools Factory) is an export-oriented enterprise engaged in the manufacture of hardware tools. The development and manufacturing company currently employs 450 people, and has a high-quality workforce that bears hardships and stands hard work, excellent technology and quick response, including more than 80 employees in various types of clamp technology and management. The company has always adhered to the principle of "quality first, reputation first" "principle, "only better" attitude, sincerely provide high-quality products for domestic and foreign customers.

The company operates in strict accordance with the international IS09001 quality assurance system, strictly implements the national standard GB6290-6295-86, the American ANSI standard, and the European GS standard. Pipe wrenches, Swedish pipe wrenches, British and American pipe wrenches, strong pliers, cable cutters, wire rope cutters, three-jaw pullers and other hardware tools series have certain advantages in external and internal quality, and are generally well received by new and old customers.

The company can also design and process all kinds of pliers according to the samples of customers. The company takes the contract and reputation as its business tenet, and sincerely welcomes customers at home and abroad to patronize. We will provide you with satisfactory service with a sincere attitude. Dongpeng is here waiting. The presence and guidance of people from all walks of life, we are willing to further discuss and cooperate with you.

Company Culture

Corporate mission: create happiness for employees, create benefits for the enterprise, and create wealth for the society
Corporate Vision: To be an enterprise of the times, to create a century-old brand
Enterprise spirit: give yourself the power to conquer all difficulties
Strategic goal: first to be good, then to be big, and then to be strong
Business Philosophy: Honesty and Virtue, Harmony and Innovation
Talent concept: both ability and political integrity
Marketing concept: Although 10,000 meters are long, one meter is not short
Core values: believe in the masses, rely on the masses, and serve the masses

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Corporate Vision

Market-oriented, technology-centric, and talent-based.

Accelerate transformation and upgrading, increase investment in technology, and expand market share.

Continue to improve the innovation system, constantly innovate, stick to consistent quality, and strive to build a craftsman-level national brand.

Our Honor


Quality management system certification

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Advanced grassroots party organization

honor (11)

Top 10 Entrepreneurial Stars

honor (10)

Best-selling brand in the national hardware tool manufacturing industry

honor (9)

National AAA-level integrity enterprise

honor (8)

Private enterprise leader

honor (7)

Completion and Commencement Award

honor (6)

Jiangsu famous brand

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honor (3)
honor (2)
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Why Choose Us

Equipped with advanced forging production lines, complete production testing equipment, established standardized storage workshops, and accumulated rich experience in process manufacturing

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Technical Service Team

According to customer needs, we can provide various professional tool development and production solutions to meet customers' high-stability and high-precision processing needs.

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Technological breakthrough

The product adopts high-quality raw materials, imitating ergonomic design, uniform holding force, industrial-grade alloy cutting edge, sharp cutting, professional-grade quality, and durable.

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Perfect sales system

The sales network covers all regions of the country and is exported to overseas markets such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Won unanimous praise from industry experts and customers.

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Advanced production equipment

From product R&D and design, to precision forging, heat treatment, electroplating, and finished product assembly and packaging for mold manufacturing, advanced production equipment in the industry is used.

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Improve management system

Actively respond to national policies, follow the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, commit to energy conservation and emission reduction, continue to establish and improve the EHS management system, and improve and develop an integrated management model for environmental protection, occupational health and safety.